Wednesday 23 September 2015

Cosmic Ordering for Beginners: The 3 Secrets to (Finally) Making the Law of Attraction Work in Your Life

What Is The Cosmic Ordering Secret About?

Cosmic Ordering Secret is an extraordinary trove of information on this power called the universal force or the cosmos.
Because of my dire situation and I have nothing to lose, I thought why the hell not, and decided to give it a try.
The Cosmic Ordering Secret explains about the powerful force of ordering from the cosmos. It sounded strange and bizarre to me at first when my friend explained it to me. But there are a lot of case studies in the book which convinced me otherwise, including the very successful and famous Richard Branson.
Is there real science behind the Law of Attraction?
Is there a particular, achievement certain "procedure" you can use to get the things you need in life- -
particularly when you require them most?
The answer may astound you...
I was stressing over the credit card bill, totaling almost $10000. But this time, I tried something different.Instead
of becoming worried, I placed my Cosmic Order. About 7 days later, almost like clockwork, I received a check in the mail.
The amount Almost $12,500! It felt so good paying it all off rather than the interest.

Amazingly, the universe listened and I got my new car. A BMW, no less. The best part ?
It's a company car and that means all my car expenses are covered as well.
... I thought I was going to be homeless. But as anticipated, the universe supplied without question. Today, I live in
a quaint, little cottage with a beautiful organic garden overlooking the Pacific Ocean. I'm house sitter. All I can say is the universe provides.

These announcements all originate from genuine individuals who have connected the life-changing procedure called Cosmic Ordering.
It can change your life as well, when you know how to utilize it.
In the first place, what is Cosmic Ordering?
What's more, perhaps all the more significantly, by what means would you be able to motivate it to work for yourself?
To discover, click the catch underneath.

What Is Cosmic Ordering? HOW Can You Use It ?

Picture in your mind’s eye something you want.
Anything you want. Anything you believe you can have.
Next, make a simple but powerful request of the Universe to supply it to you. Then, vividly imagine gratefully receiving the very thing you pictured.
Sound impossible?
Until recently, the results of the most enlightened people (even if they watched The Secret and understand the Law of Attraction) were admittedly hit and miss.
But that’s changing. Fast.

In my own life, I’ve used Cosmic Ordering for all sorts of things. A place to live. A thriving coaching business filled with amazing customers, students and private clients. A life partner who adores me and loves me unconditionally. And so many other things, too numerous to count.
Being completely candid, it wasn’t always this way, I can assure you. It was a bumpy ride until I figured THE ONE THING OUT for myself--the same thing I’m going to share with you today.
Here’s what I know for sure:
As the universe continues to reveal its inner workings, my students who have been trained in this rather unusual method are experiencing phenomenal success...

So how does Cosmic Ordering work ?

You’d be surprised to learn everyone from CEOs, professionals and tradespeople, as well as artists, musicians, Hollywood celebrities and even monks are using Cosmic Ordering in their lives.
To discover how to use Cosmic Ordering for yourself, click the button below.
Have you ever been in the frame of mind where you wanted something intently and you just knew you were going to get it?
It may have been a much-needed raise or promotion. A call from a loved one. Or something as mundane as an open parking spot.
At that very moment, you were using the Cosmic Ordering process. You placed for yourself a Cosmic Order with the Universe.
How did it feel?
Because whatever you want, the process is the same. Cosmic Ordering relies on the science of physics to fulfill your wishes, desires and dreams.

How could it be otherwise? Especially when our reality is grounded by the laws of physics.

As unbelievable as it may seem right now, these laws work
100% of the time without question.

When I say “100% of the time without question,” I want to be clear.

I’m saying the laws which you use to communicate your cosmic order
with the Universe are THE SAME as the laws of physics. Scientists may not have
not figured out what they are yet, but they know they exist at a quantum level.

For instance, take the law of gravity. You’d have to agree,
it always works whether you like it or not, whether you’ve been taught it in school,
whether you believe in it or not.

Here’s the beautiful thing about the law of gravity.
You don’t need to know how it works in order to use it.
Look at it this another way:

You’re reading this right now on your computer or iPad probably using some sort
of wireless communication, right?
You probably don’t know how the Internet is connected to everything,
 yet you’re still able to plug in and easily use it to get what you want, yes?

Here’s the GREAT news: You don’t need to know how the Universe works either in order for you to effectively and easily communicate with it--and for it to be able to supply eve
rything you want and need.
There are just 3 secrets to be able to communicate with the Universe.
What are the 3 secrets to Cosmic Ordering?
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Cosmic Ordering: The 3 Secrets

More than 100 years ago, Nikola Tesla revealed the secrets and I have dedicated my life to sharing them with others. I quote:  
 THESE 3 secrets fueled Tesla’s invention of almost all of the today’s technology.

The list goes on.

(Guess where Tesla discovered the foundational keys of the Universe? You might be surprised to learn Tesla did not discover them in his lab. He discovered them in The Bible!)

The point is this: In order for the Universe to “hear” your heart’s desires and supply your needs...

You must be mentally, emotionally and spiritually operating on the same energetic, vibrational and frequency as the Universe.

The question becomes “How?”

Using the 3 secrets, how can you effectively communicate your Cosmic Order to the Universe such that the Universe will comply?

For the first time online, I reveal the surprising answer in a brand new video I’ve created called “The Secrets of Cosmic Ordering Revealed”.

To watch it, just click button below.

Cosmic Ordering Secret

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